This web site is devoted to Jim Gavuzzi.  Jim was a friend of mine. We went to Torrey Pines high school together, we were in a band at TPHS and later we were roommates at SDSU.  I last saw Jim in 2000 in a parking lot in Del Mar, completely by chance. I was with my 10 year old daughter who had just quit guitar.  Seeing Jim energized me to encourage my daughter to pursue music.  I was really looking forward to having him over to play to my oldest daughter and meet the other...but I never quite got around to it.  That is something I regret deeply now. 

Jim died suddenly and we are all shocked. The idea with is to honor the life and times of our good friend.  

If you have music, stories or images of Jim..Please, please send them to me at  Thanks!

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Mark Kelley, October 11, 2001