Life and times of Jim Gavuzzi

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Jim Gavuzzi

From: Chris Conway
Date: 10/13/01
Time: 1:42:49 PM
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Hello Everyone,

My Name is Chris Conway,

I played in two bands with Jim, The Targets and Urban Umbrella.

In Urban Umbrella we wrote many songs together. We were in our early 20s, we lived together in a house in Clairmont. The home had a converted garage, which doubled as my bedroom and our rehearsal room. It was a wonderful time. A simple time, so innocent, free, and magical. We were brothers.

As everyone else, I am saddened and shocked at Jimís passing. Although we drifted apart over the last ten years, I think of him often. The last time I spoke with him was over a year ago. He said the next time I came to San Diego I should look him up. He said he thought about me and wondered what I was up to. Iím sorry I never got to see him again.

How do we remember someone? Pictures? Sure. Pictures are great and I have some great ones of Jim, but even the best picture falls short if not accompanied by personal observation and perceptions.

Here are a few things I will always remember about Jim.

I will always, always remember that voice. Jim didnít sing in the first band we played together in. After that band broke up I was over at his house one day and he sat down with his guitar and started singing. My jaw literally dropped, I had never heard a voice so powerful and magnificent in my life. Jim was a gifted singer and a great poet.

I will always remember playing gigs at the Spirit Club. Iím not sure if it is even standing any more, but in itís day, the Spirit Club was one of the only places an all-original band could play. We had some great shows and good times there. There was definitely a music scene happening.

I will always remember his genius at writing songs. When Jim and I wrote songs I would usually come up with the chords and a general structure and he would come up with the words and melody. I was always blown away by his sense of melody and great lyrics

I will always remember his kindness.

I will always remember the day he taught me how to make coffee.

I will always remember his sense of style. Jim loved clothes and liked to look sharp. I was always very envious of his great style.

I will always remember the Halloween party we had one year.

I will always remember going to El Coyote, ordering number threes, drinking margaritas and laughing when the bill came because it was so cheap.

I will always remember Jim telling me the secret to ordering Dominoes Pizza. The secret he told me was to always, always order the pizza with ďdouble cheese.Ē

I will always remember a brother I spent my youth with. Someone I shared dreams with, someone I made music with.

I am truly saddened at Jimís passing grateful for the time we spend together.

I will always remember you Jim, thanks for the great times we spent together. God bless you.

May your lives be filled with friends and family and love.

Chris Conway

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